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Its hard to believe that its been a year since I've posted anything to a website. I've been driving tractor-trailer. My experiences have been very interesting with many loads into Canada. The NAFTA Treaty will forever be limited in its scope due to the Customs delays. I really like the Canadian businesses and people.

I also had the experience of delivering vehicle parts to a car manufacturer. The assembly lines are magical.

In his book, Travels with Charley, John Steinbeck wrote several times about how much he respected truck drivers. I agree 1000%. I've come to know many fine men and women out there. Their responsibilities are enormous.

I'll forever be amused at how the customers and dispatchers of different companies browbeat good drivers into becoming drivers that their Human Resources Departments would not hire. All just to meet the delivery promises made by the Sales Departments.

For the record, having read most of the Steinbeck books doesn't help a dang thing when backing a 53-foot trailer up to a warehouse dock. That is an art.

Its true, “Everything you own came on a truck.”

What's in Your Road?

It has been about 15 years since I began to put Suffield's paving needs to spreadsheets. I remember Tom Stewart, Estimator for the Portage County Engineer's Office, asking me, “Are you in the business? We've never seen anything like this?” My teammates on the Suffield Board of Trustees regarded the computer and websites as amusing nonsense and I was often laughed at.

The below sheet is based on a one mile length of road that is 20 feet wide. A 20 foot wide road more matches the needs of larger school buses and service trucks. With your car's odometer you can fairly well measure the length of your road and get an idea of the materials needed to pave it. It is more accurate to drive your road up and back, then divide that double length by 2 to get a closer measurement.

Then multiply your road's length by the quantities below and you will be close to what your road would use. The spreadsheet's prices are very very out of date. I'll bet that Tom Stewart has retired by now. He was a great public servant.

I attended some workshops at Ohio State University and came to regard chip and seal treatments as very cost effective and useful when combined with a good road base.


Off to Court

I stopped by the State Route 82 gated Macedonia neighborhood of a man who hoisted his flag on a front yard flagpole. This is a violation of the HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION rules. There is also a requirement that every home have the same blinds in the front windows. His one upstairs window has a dark green covering over the window like what a night shift person would have to get a good day's sleep. In the end, the HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION relented and the flag flies today on its stand alone pole.

It does seem that we live in an era of excessive fussiness.


I've been reading up on the Presidency of Andrew Jackson. That period shared a number of issues with our time. A banking crisis mixed with cahoots. The South threatening to secede. Jackson announced to John Calhoun that he personally would lead the army into South Carolina and hang Calhoun. Calhoun backed off. The controversy over creating/repairing infrastructure. When is a project a local concern and when does it become a national interest. Read about the Maysville Road Veto on wikipedia .


John Steinbeck's The Winter of Our Discontent is a very interesting book. It is a novel about a small town Grocer and life in a small town like ours and yours. It touches on local life, local politics and the mischief that people are drawn to. Every community has it. I encourage you to read it. It is a short book and a quick read.


Crumbling Infrastructure & Taxxxxx Cuts

America is Shovel Ready

It took 200+ years to build the USA. And most of it is need of repair or replacement. There is a lot of work that needs to be done

When I read about President Obama's Stimulus Plans and hear the Tea Party raise objections, I'm baffled. Doesn't the Tea Party love America? Do they want the USA to crumble into a pile?

Tax cuts for the upper tiers and corporations seem to be invested overseas. Then most of the monies provided for the people appear to be used to buy foreign goods rather than job producing domestic items.

Investing in our roads, bridges, dams, sewers, power grid, etc. improves our Country and at the same time gets money flowing HERE.

The below picture was taken on March 10, 2011. The bridge was to be closed on 3-11-11. The approaching school bus did cross the bridge.

The need exists. The work is there.


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